Strategy for Kibbutzim

The kibbutz sector is in a constant state of flux and development.

In addition to dealing with social and demographic changes, most of the kibbutzim understand today the need to review, examine and decide upon their business activities in a professional and informed manner.

Managing the business sector of a Kibbutz is somewhat like managing a holding company with a variety of business operations: agriculture, industry, tourist services and so on. An overview of the business portfolio highlights the questions of relative advantage, business focus, pathways for business development, the desired returns / risk ratio, etc.

But unlike ‘regular’ business companies, review of the business activities of a Kibbutz must also take into account the question of the goals of communal economic activity, and the nature of the relationship between the business, the community and kibbutz members, the managerial, social and cultural characteristics of each kibbutz.

A successful strategic process for kibbutzim requires integrating a structured methodological approach through familiarity and understanding of the unique dynamics of kibbutz business management. Mivra is a leader consultancy across the kibbutz sector, with vast and diverse experience with dozens of kibbutzim: from the northern Golan Heights to the southern Arava, small and large, communal and changing kibbutzim.

Alongside projects viewing the overall business sector in Kibbutzim, we are also engaged with projects focusing on specific kibbutz industries: industry (low / high tech), tourism, commerce etc.

In addition, we assist many of the Kibbutzim sector's regional organizations, as well as the national organizations, such as the Association of Kibbutz Economic Organizations and Mishkey Hakibbutzim.

Over the years, agricultural activities have also become more challenging: Complex issues of planning, operating model and collaborations in the face of regulatory trends, competition and market dynamic from the field to the shelf in the retail chains.

The Mivra team brings extensive and unique experience across the agricultural sector: with local operations, with large agricultural corporates across the value chain (producing, post-harvest, local and international marketing), with producers' co-operative alliances or in assisting formulating national agricultural policy.