Formulating strategies and coping with change processes is a complex challenge that entails dilemmas, complexity and uncertainty.

At Mivra we believe that surmounting this challenge takes a combination of superb methodology, analytical structure and accurate analyses, along with a personal approach that offers guidance and support, all tailored to meet the unique requirements that characterize each and every company or organization.

'Mivra Consulting & Strategy’ assists senior executives in plotting the course that will lead them safely across the bridge ('Mivra' in Aramaic) between a given situation and the desired path to growth and development.

With vast experience in assisting dozens of companies and organizations in various sectors and industries, together with a unique approach we have developed, Mivra is the ideal partner for organizations that require strategic consulting, combining professional and human perspectives.

Strategy –
Is it really necessary?

In the business of Strategic Consulting, one often encounters doubt and cynicism regarding the very idea of external consulting: “In the end they are just going to tell me what I already know”, “How can anyone who doesn’t know my business, tell me how I should run it?”, “I need to show results in the field, not a PowerPoint presentation that gathers dust on the shelf” and so on.

Legitimate statements, and sometimes, even justified ones.

But often these feelings may stem from unfamiliarity, the experience of an unsuccessful process, or the result of the very difficulty that is an inherent part of change processes. On the other hand, for most managers in business or non business organizations, acknowledging that formulating a strategy is a complex professional process, but an essential one, have become the established and common practice.

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When is the right time for a ‘Strategic Process’ and what does it really entail?

It is common practice to undergo this process on a regular basis, every 2-5 years. However, the need for updated reviews and definitions of strategy may often occur as a result of significant changes: changes in the company's results or performance, in the market or competitive landscape, in the technological and regulatory environment, or following personal changes and other internal developments.

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Strategy for Kibbutzim

The kibbutz sector is in a constant state of flux and development

What does the process look like
in practice?

Every project looks different, each is managed in accordance with specific needs and requirements, but in general one can say that a ‘standard’ strategic process takes several months. During this time, a concerted effort is made to learn, collect data, get acquainted with the organization and its ‘relevant environment’; to analyze and characterize the actual picture, the comprehensive situation and the anticipated trends of change; as well as formalization of the analytic framework that will be central to the process of decision making.

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Ongoing support
for the organization

And what
is so unique about Mivra?

We have extensive experience working with local and global businesses, in a variety of fields and different industries, but we are also experienced in working with a wide range of non business organizations (public and nonprofit sectors etc). In addition we have experience working with industry, tourism and agricultural corporations of Kibbutzim.

We bring to the table knowledge and professionalism of the highest order, yet we believe in working as peers; achieving intelligent and logical results, but no less important, providing output that can be easily understood, accepted and implemented.

We are used to working on projects, but we do love accompanying organizations for the long haul, and in general - are attuned to being flexible and creative in meeting the needs of the client.

However, beyond our experience, knowledge and specialization that we have accumulated over the years, we know that the strategic process is more than a smart answer to a defined question; that the analytical, methodological and factual solutions are a necessary, but not sufficient, condition.

At the end of the day, behind those numbers and analyses, we are working with people. The strategic process cannot be either comprehensive or effective, without the vision and understanding of the personnel, the inter-personal relationships and the culture and dynamics of the organization.

A Strategic Process is always a complex affair, on both a personal and organizational level. It is not unusual for it to come up against strong opposition, cynicism, internal politics and other difficulties. In order to succeed in overcoming this complexity, we are obligated to face the human dimension.

That which separates an irrelevant brochure of slides from an effective and successful  process of change, is the level of attention, listening and understanding, and the relationship that is forged between the ‘consultant’ and the customer, during the process.

We at Mivra understand this and appreciate the opportunity we have to work with people rather than with data, the opportunity to create real connections and to offer a solution that is specifically tailored to each individual client.

Who are you?

Gil Rabinovitch is the founder and manager of Mivra.


  • Gil brings his extensive experience in Strategic Consulting, which he has been doing for over a decade across sectors and industries
  • Gil served in the past as Senior Consultant and Team Leader for Shaldor Strategy Consulting and as Director of Strategic Consulting for the Yanai Group.
  • Gil has a BA in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies from Tel Aviv University, an MA in Public Administration from Columbia University, New York as well as an MA in Clinical Psychology from the Academic College of Tel Aviv.
  • Gil personally leads all Mivra activities, using the support of a team of consultants, economists and the external network of industry experts, as is deemed necessary.

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